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Recently I’ve been experimenting with Truecaller SDK in React Native. React-native-truecaller-sdk can be used as an alternate method of authenticating users for login/signup. However, it can be difficult to configure the app correctly if you’re new. I am going to guide you through setting up a simple truecaller based authentication in React Native.
(Note: The module is currently supported for Android only)

1. Install & link package

Enter the following command in your project directory

npm install react-native-truecaller-sdk — save

If you are running RN version > 0.60 you can skip the next command as React Native links the libraries itself in the latest versions.

User experience plays a vital role in success of your application, It helps keep end user engaged. A good user interface will create an instant attraction to your app while a great user experience will put a lasting impact on your users’ mind. Adding animations to your application is one way of achieving user attention to details you want to feature.
In order to do that you will need to learn to handle complex animations using React Native Animated API or any other library to help your cause.
But what if I tell you that there is a painless…

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